According to Law 2939/01, provisions are made for the signing of six year cooperation agreements between HERRCo and the Local Authority concerned; the aim is to fund the additional costs resulting from the recovery of packaging waste in the course of waste management.

Please find below the models of cooperation with municipalities which have been certified by the Ministry of Environment, energy and climate change. It is specified that, according to the aforementioned law, what is defined and understood under the term “MUNICIPALITY” is the responsible waste management body, namely Municipalities, Associations, Municipal Enterprises, etc.

  • Form of Cooperation A


Investment expenses, including all means of storage means (carrier bags, bins, etc.), collection vehicles, building and electromechanical facilities at the required Recycling Sorting Centres (R.S.C.) are funded by the System. Municipalities are obliged to provide the industrial plot (land) necessary and to create access to it. In addition, Municipalities need to cooperate for the issuing of the required environmental and other legal licences, the cost of which is covered by the System.


Finally, all expenses for the operation of projects are covered by the System.


Collection (staff, consumables, maintenance): Municipalities
Final disposal of residues: Municipalities
Processing (staff, electric power, consumables, etc.): System
Information: System
Management: System



Municipalities perform the collection of recyclable materials using their own staff on the basis of an agreed plan. Municipalities also cover the costs of fuels, lubricants and other consumables required for the collection, as well as the cost for the removal and end disposal of R.S.C. residues.


  • Form of cooperation B

Municipalities implement the projects for the recovery of packaging waste

These are recycling and recovery projects for packaging materials organized and put in place by Municipalities, which run them seperately while obtaining funds from the System, according to the provisions of Law 2939. It is clearly underlined that these projects are in line with the aims and provisions of Law 2939.

Municipalities are funded by the System on the basis of the amounts of retrieved materials which have been certified and delivered for recovery.

The recovered packaging waste must meet certain pre-agreed specifications. Their recovery is certified by way of the corresponding documents confirming the disposal of the material in question; it is possible to perform audits in order to ascertain whether materials are used in compliance with Law 2939. 

Guarantee of absorption of recovered materials.

If Municipalities cannot find users – utilizers for a material in question and provided that non-absorption is not due to a deviation from the specifications agreed, the System must obtain the secondary material from pre-agreed delivery points at a zero price.

 Economic Support

 In 2009 the Ministry of Environment enacted a law which required further economic assistance for Municipalities for the collection of the blue bins.  The total cost to the System came to 7,2 million €.