In seeking a more active involvement of an even greater number of public groups in the Packaging Recycling programme, HERRCo has also undertaken Special Actions, addressed to professionals. These actions aim at the collection of packaging items from areas which are not served by the blue bin system, either due the large volume and amounts concerned, or because they are situated outside urban areas.

The awareness campaign focuses on the collection and recovery of packaging materials particularly of glass and plastic, two basic materials which would, under different circumstances, end up in the ordinary rubbish of many professional premises. Thus, a productive partnership is achieved between HE.R.R.Co and professionals, which at the same time enhances the environmentally and socially responsible operation of each enterprise concerned. 



Method of Operation

The process starts with the creation of two separate collection streams: 

  • one for glass packaging waste 
  • one for plastic packaging waste

Packaging materials should not be mixed with other materials. To this end, special containers are used to make sure that only packaging materials are collected. In cases where it is not possible to carry out the process in a private area, HERRCo undertakes to communicate with the Municipality with a view to installing special equipment (metallic or plastic bins and carrier bags).