The aim of HERRCo, in the context of the corporation’s statutes and the terms of operation of C.A.M.S.-RECYCLING, is the following:

  • to fulfill the legal obligations of affiliated packaging operators.
  • to promote the recovery of packaging waste in our country, contributing essentially to the accomplishment of national goals.

 The current legal framework and the specified decisions of the responsible state institutions set out the boundaries within which the System functions.


The Collective Alternative Management System CAMS – RECYCLING intends to contribute significantly to the achievement of the national objectives set for recycling, as outlined in the Joint Ministerial Decision 9268/469/2007.

In particular, our country should have achieved the following:

  • the recovery of at least 60% by weight of all packaging waste which includes 
  • recycling of at least 55% by weight, the minimum recycling rates per material being the following:
    • 60% by weight glass
    • 60% by weight paper & cardboard
    • 50% by weight metals
    • 22.5% by weight plastics
    • 15 % by weight wood