In seeking to accomplish the communication and information objectives of HERRCo the following communication instruments are assessed and used: 

  • Distribution of an information package to all households in the areas where the recycling project is being developed, including: the standard recycling bag, a special leaflet with useful information regarding Packaging Recycling and a letter from each Mayor to the residents of his or her Municipality. 
  • Outdoor advertising campaigns, using bus stations and the special areas allocated for placing posters and other related advertising materials as a “vehicle” for promoting the messages of the System. 
  • Listings and informative publications in newspapers and magazines based in Athens and throughout Greece as well as in the local Press and in municipal journals. 
  • Placement of advertising messages on municipal buses, the street railway and the subway. 
  • Broadcasting of messages through the radio, the TV and the cinema in seeking to raise citizens’ awareness on a broader level as to the Recycling process. 
  • Organizing several information and promotion activities in cooperation with the participating Municipalities (e.g. the Luna Park of Recycling, information events – exhibitions in outdoor spaces, etc.). 
  • Placement of information material in municipal branches, Citizen Service Centers, cinemas and other areas visited by large numbers of people. 
  • Use of internet tools (use of direct mail, creation of facebook group, internet banners, etc.). 
  • Promotional Activities: in large supermarket chains and department stores, commercial stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, in the entrance of metro stations, main squares,and other high traffic points, popular beaches, ports etc.
  • Development of the action "Recycling at School – Changing Attitudes"within the school units of the cooperating Municipalities in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. 
  • Implentation of the new educational program that has the approval of the ministry of education “Discover how you can properly recycle through the blue bin”
  • School visits at RSPs and provision of information to students
  • Publication of Recycling programs and actions through Press Releases both in the local as well as at the Athenian Press. 
  • Issuing of an electronic newsletter setting out the recent actions of HERRCo so that the Mass Media and the partners of HERRCo from the fields of Local Authorities, the State and the packaging operators can be informed on a regular basis. 

Information and Promotion Material