Recycling today is an important part of any society actively aiming to raise the quality of life for its inhabitants.  Recycling has become a part of every day life, particularly for the citizens of the European Eunion, hence the birth of the slogan "Making Europe a Recycling Society".  Undoubtedly Recycling has got multiple benefits. The most important ones are set out below:

  • Reduction in the volume and weight of municipal solid waste which is to be collected and transported to landfill sites 
  • Saving in raw materials and energy resources, which are usually non-renewable (oil, ores, etc.) 
  • Creation of new job positions 
  • Exchange rate gains 
  • Protection of the environment 
  • Improvement of our quality of life 
  • Contribution to culture, given that waste management is a culture indicator

Given the fact that the protection of the environment is of concern to all of us, the success of alternative management depends, not only on raising awareness but also on the active involvement of consumers. Well-informed and active citizens are a driving force for attaining the objectives set by the law and protecting the environment more effectively.