As regards the involvement of HERRCo in the recycling process, it comprises 4 stages: sorting at source, collection, sorting at R.S.C.s and finally compaction-baling. More specifically:

  1. Sorting at source / Citizen Participation: The residents of the municipality sort packaging materials from other materials in the household (or at the point of production of waste). Packaging items must be collected after any remains have been scraped out; moreover, they must be squeezed and folded as far as possible. Next, citizens dispose of the packaging items they have collected in the special blue bins provided by HERRCo to the cooperating Municipalities; the said bins are to be placed in neighborhoods on Town Council initiative. The packaging items must always be put loose in the bins and not in tied-up carrier bags.
  2. Collection: The next stage is that of waste collection, which is carried out under the responsibility of Municipalities, using special waste collection vehicles made available by HERRCo. 
  3. Sorting at R.S.C.s: At this stage, the packaging waste contained in blue bins is transported, under the responsibility of the cooperating Municipalities to the Recycling Sorting Centres (R.S.C.), which operate under the responsibility or funding of HERRCo. There, packaging materials are sorted and separated in different categories such as: packaging paper – cardboard, liquid cartons, print paper, plastic packaging (PET, HDPE), plastic film, other plastics (PP/PS), glass bottles and containers, aluminium and tinplate packaging items. 
  4. Compaction-baling: At this stage packaging materials are compacted (with the exception of glass), baled and forwarded to the corresponding industry sectors in order to be further recovered.