In BLUE BINS we dispose of all PACKAGING ITEMS, namely: aluminium, tinplate, plastic, glass and paper.

Aluminium Packaging
, e.g. soft drink cans, beer cans, etc.

Tinplate Packaging, e.g. used for evaporated milk, tuna, animal feed, concentrated tomato juice, etc.

Plastic Packaging, e.g. water bottles and containers, soft drinks, yogurt, butter, oil, detergents, cleaning materials, shampoos, shower gels, films, tooth paste, deodorants, plastic carrier bags, etc.


Glass Packaging, e.g. bottles and jars, juices, soft drinks, alcohol beverages, food etc.


Paper Packaging & Cartons, e.g. from electric devices, milk, juice, cereals, pizza, biscuits, sugar, detergents, paper carrier bags, etc.