Herrco at the 29th Classical Marathon

HERRCo once again transmitted the “beat” of Recycling at the 29th Classical Marathon

Over 2 tons of recycled materials were collected by HERRCo

17th November 2011

Demonstrating once again its commitment towards the promotion of recycling in our country and because of the occasion of this year’s 29th Classical Marathon which occurred Sunday the 13th of November in Athens, HERRCo contributed, so that this year’s event acquired a strong environmental profile.

Specifically, HERRCo, for the third consecutive year, supported the ideal of the Classical Marathon, undertaking the collection and the recovery of recyclable materials which were used by the competing runners, as well as the Marathon’s spectators, transmitting to spectators and competitors the “beat” of Recycling.

The collection of the recyclable packaging materials came under the official volunteer network of Marathon’s Recycling program – which HERRCo supports – by volunteers from the NGO “the World Group Institution”, and also other volunteers of this unique happening.

At the same time, HERRCo took part with a specially modified kiosk across the Panathinaiko Stadium at the “sponsor’s village”. There, it had the chance to inform the public of the proper use of the blue bins and the importance of recycling by way of an interactive game, which showed the unique benefits of recycling, while there were special blue bins for the collection of recyclable packaging.

The results of the organized activity was the collection of more than 2 tons of packaging materials.

HERRCo’s dynamic and organized presence at the 29th Classical Marathon, shows in practice, that recycling through the Blue Bin is a simple and at the same time an important habit which is worthy of becoming an irrevocable part of our life.

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